About Us

Dance Out of Poverty is an initiative to give free of cost dance education to those underprivileged children who aspire to become a dancer, but don’t have enough money to get higher education.

All the children are trained under DEPP (Dance education and proficiency program), which is a specially designed program that will contribute in giving these children an all round development and not just dance. The course curriculum includes the following.

  • The Fundamentals (Introduction to dance forms and their basics)
  • Theory and Techniques (Technical and theoretical knowledge of origins of dance styles, their culture, terminology etc.)
  • Fitness and Nutrition (Study of anatomy of human body, physical conditioning. Study of different foods and their nutritional value.)
  • Theater and Body Language
  • Production (study of stage setups, lighting, sound, Basic Audio-video editing)

Our Mission

The purpose of this initiative is to give dance education to all those who wish to make a career in the field of dancing but can not afford to pay for the training. We are not only teaching them choreographies, we are educating them and by giving sessions on Body language, theater, audio/video editing. Trying to make them proficient enough to make a living out of their passion.

From time to time, these children are provided various platforms to showcase their talent in front of big audience and celebrities.

This is just the beginning, our goal is to reach out to 1 million underprivileged children in India and benefit them with the Dance out of poverty program.

We want to create special musical shows that will promote Art and culture of our country and will also be a source of employment for these talents.